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Excellence services in tax and business.

Tax Services

Taxation recognizes many rules according to the various types of business transactions. Each of those rules constantly changing. HD & Co will assure taxation on your business transaction are done in accordance with up to date regulation.

Business Services

HD & Co will accompany you on your business startup and make it easier for you to run and control it. HD & Co will assist you in preventing law and taxation risk before starting up your business. HD & Co can also assist you in dealing with law and taxation problem occur on your transaction.

Transfer Pricing Documentation (TP Doc)

Government has obliged companies or persons that conduct transaction with other companies or person in and or outside Indonesia that has special relation whether through share ownership or family relation to explain that the amount of compensation involved on that transaction is proper. To be regarded as proper the explanation must be documented or be made in accordance with tax regulation. This documented explanation is known as Transfer Pricing Document or TP Doc.