Tax Services

Complete Tax Services:

  1. General tax consultation.
  2. Monthly filling services of withholding tax article 21/23/26, 25/29, 4 (2), 22, 15 and VAT including arrangement of withholding tax exemption letters. These services are accompanied by our guidance on your accounting procedure and tax related transaction documents keeping. In addition, we also provide various taxation form needed for starting companies.
  3. Annual filling services of corporate or individual income tax and withholding tax article 21 which include:
    • Consultation on and annual filling arrangement of corporate or individual income tax and withholding tax article 21.
    • Consultation on, arrangement and maintaining of tax related accounting record on General Ledger, Balance Sheet, Income Statement and explanation of it.
  4. Tax disputes process:
    • Assisting on tax audit process.
    • Tax objection arrangement against tax audit assessment letter.
    • Assist in appeal process to the Tax Court against the DGT’s decision on the taxpayer’s objection.
    • Tax restitution/ refund arrangement.
    • Interest compensation arrangement.
  5. Payroll processing system.
  6. Cross-Border tax issues/ International Taxation
    • Expatriate Taxation.
    • Certificate of Domicile arrangement.
    • Tax planning on international transaction.
    • Transfer pricing.
    • Mutual Agreement Procedures (MAP) arrangement.
    • Advanced Pricing Agreement (APA) arrangement.
  7. Tax on corporate restructuring
    • Merger & acquisition.
    • Fixed asset revaluation.
  8. Tax review and legal opinion
    • Tax review on all accounting and taxation done by the company.
    • Tax obligation potential review due to company transaction and or activities.
    • Legal opinion on client on going tax dispute.
  9. Tax system improvement/ in house Training
    • Making tax manual which conclude policy, strategy, procedure, filling and tax calculation technical guidance that is designed according to company business type.
    • Provide training to comprehend new issues on tax regulation.
    • Provide training in managing new issues on tax regulation.
  10. Tax holiday and tax allowances arrangement.

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